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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Google's 13th Birthday: 13 Reasons Why It Has Become a Tech Jaggernaut

 1. Google Search
-b'cum public company, market value excess of $171 billion~

 2. Gmail
- launched as an invitation-only beta in April 2004 
- research suggested Gmail ended 193 million users, 3rd to Yahoo Mail & Hotmail..

 3. Android
- used by Samsung, HTC, Motorola Mobility, etc..
- defeated Nokia's Symbian, Apple's iOS, Research in Motion BlackBerry

 4. Motorola
- b'cum a smartphone vendor itself with $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility
- say that Google's venturing into hardware

 5. Blogger
- created by Pyra Labs, which bought by Google in 2003
- ranked 6 most popular website (based on three-month Alexa traffic rank)

 6. Chrome Browser
- developed by G that uses the WebKit layout engine
- eclipsed Mozilla's Firefox & Microsoft Internet Explorer

 7. Chromebook
- laptop running Google's own Chrome OS
- 1st device for sales by Acer, Samsung began shipping in June 2011

 8. Google Plus
- Google+'s Circles feature let u share & view content to and from explicitly groups of ur contacts

 9. Adsense & AdWords
- advertisement displaying & earning money through the clicking of the adv.

 10. Google Docs
- Who needs the expensive productivity suites from Microsoft as G can collaborating the doc in online environment..?

 11. Google Earth & Google Maps
- maps the Earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography & GIS 3D globe.. Wow~

 12. YouTube
- G bought YT for $1.65 billion in stock in 2007
- even grandma agree that the internet is boring w/o Youtube

13. Google Energy
- 2010, 1st investment in a renewable-energy project, $38.8 million putted into 2 farms in North Dakota
- announced that these 2 locations wii generate 169.5 megawatts of power, enough for 55,000 homes supplying..

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