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Friday, 4 November 2011

Women gang drugging men in Phuket

A woman from the gang demonstrating how the drug is smeared on her breast.
Singaporean men are among tourists being targeted by a gang of female criminals in Phuket, Thailand.
The gang of women, known to target Chinese men specifically, will seduce their victims, drug them, then make off with their valuables.
A group of Hong Kong reporters recently unveiled how the women drug their victims.
The women would smear their breasts and cleavage area with a colourless and odourless drug before they seduce the men to bed.
"Men always go for these places first," one of the women said.
According to the women, the men would lick these areas and quickly lose consciousness. The women will then make off with the man's valuables.
Through these ways, the head of the gang, also a woman, is said to make about HK$1 million (about S$160,000) a year.
Besides putting drugs on their bodies, they are also known to slip drugs into the drinks of their victims.
One of them, a Singaporean man, described to reporters how he was slipped drugs and lost his valuables to a woman in Phuket.
The woman had approached him at a nightspot and flirted with him. Soon after, the man downed his glass of beer and fell into a stupor. By the time he woke up, the woman had disappeared with his valuables.
Local police have since arrested six women believed to be connected to the recent spate of such crimes in Phuket.

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