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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

China Actress create buzz with undersized dress

Actress Liu Yuxin recently attended a party organised by an online portal in Beijing, China.
The star was definitely the focus of the event with her sexy light beige dress. It was so low cut that her breasts almost popped out.
Right after the Sunday party, photographs of her were uploaded on the Internet and spread like wild fire.
Although the 23-year-old received tons of compliments for her choice in fashion, negative comments have also surfaced.
Liu, however, insisted that the photographs had been tempered with.
"Was awoken by friends' calls, informing that the photoshopped pictures of mine are all over the Internet.
"I was too busy lately and didn't try out the dress, it was a little too small but it wasn't so bad. The person who photoshopped the pictures is very entertaining.
"I have done all the 'safety measures', thank you for your concerns. Have a laugh, good night," she wrote on her weibo at 3am on Monday.
But she's got even more criticisms after the post. Most of those who responded did not believe that the photos have been tempered with.
You be the judge.

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