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Saturday, 29 October 2011

New Trend in eel avatar Facebook & Twitter.

The hot trendy trend popular on Facebook & Twitter are called that. " worm eels. "current ruler shaped worms come from Japan, where young girls are getting a pretty thy worm avatar of eel. and can be custom designed to love you like yourself.

Avatar of eel is the beginning of the singer "Alice nine" is a show Shou (Cody's shops in the reflection), which has posted them on Twitter of his own following. They work just like an eeland eel pictures of the avatar is a picture of him on Twitter.
All those fans who show Shou change the image in a avatar was changed by the other fish.The current trend to hit them with fish. This, combined with the love of bright fish and worms.These fans in Thailand. The picture is changing, which makes the fish more wide spread. The statistics of people to the eel worm uses a disk plate. On the social-based chain of more than 10,000 people, then it is really much stronger current.

TRy now~ and Create ur own eel now ~ ^^

The software to create the unique eel -->

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