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Friday, 14 October 2011

Wine Valentine 's Day~

On October 14, this day light sip wine lovers to celebrate the poetic autumn. Usually lovers will choose in romance and chic dining-room again choose a paragraph of the romantic wine dinner, then talk to each other for future planning and common goal etc. Topic.
Representatives of romantic wine characteristic:
Mei red wine also called rose wine, in western valentines day this festival, valentine gift before like roses, of course, in the meaning of roses is romantic pronoun. And mei red wine also because color is delicious, low in alcohol, pure and fresh quietly elegant features were female friends loved.
Characteristic of mei red wine, the body is permeated with roses
Year 12 valentine's day:
January 14, Diary/Diary Valentine's Day 
February 14, Valentine 's/traditional Valentine's Day
March 14 white.on/White valentine's Day 
April 14, Black/Black valentine's Day
May 14, Yellow & started/Rose on valentine's Day
June 14 Kiss/Kiss valentine's Day
July 14, Silver/Silver valentine's Day 
August 14 Green/Green valentine's Day
September 14 Music & Photo/Photo valentine's Day 
October 14, Wine/Wine valentine's Day
November 14 Orange & attention. / Movie valentine's Day 
December 14, two/Hug valentine's Day

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