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Monday, 17 October 2011

Student offers sex for iPhone 4S??

A student in Nanjing, China has offered a man sexual favours in return for the new iPhone 4S.
Leaked screen grabs of the QQ conversation between the girl and a man show her first offering him oral sex in exchange for the phone.
Calling herself 'lovemelo', on the Chinese instant messaging program, she asked the man to 'Take me away, please'.

She told the man, "As long as you wash it clean, it's really nothing."
The man rejected the offer saying, "No, I still don't like the idea of oral sex'.
Sensing that he was losing interest, the year two undergraduate offered sex for five consecutive nights in exchange for the Apple gadget, which costs about 4,500 Yuan (RM2200) in China.
She added that she could even spend months with him as long as he buys her 'the Apple'.
"You can do anything you want. Or I can even spend months with you.
"I can do anything that you want. Just as long as you get me the Apple."
According to The New Paper, the Chinese media managed to track the girl down when the chat was leaked.
They published her mobile number, photos and other details.
She was forced to change her nickname three times and seemed startled at the attention from the media.
She reportedly lamented in an online post, "What's wrong with my proposal? Others trade sex for branded luxury too.
"Why pick on me?"

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